Dine like in a restaurant

Having dinner like in a restaurant is now also possible in our Sportlodges!

No cooking, no waiting to be seated – instead enjoying the privacy of a high class dinner in your own apartment - all of this is possible because of an exclusive arrangement we now offer with the grill restaurant Hidalgo not far from Plaus.
Let yourself be surprised, we have tested for you and are convinced of the outstanding taste and quality of the dishes delivered by Hidalgo.
All dishes are designed in such a way that you are ready to eat in just a few simple steps. Antipasti, salads and desserts are ready to eat. Starters, main courses and steaks only need to be briefly heated on the stove or in the microwave. Thanks to the descriptions provided, the meal is ready in no time. All dishes must be ordered by 11 a.m., and will be delivered to your apartment in the early evening. We are looking forward to hearing from your experience!